Parlour Von Kopp was set in motion to solve a problem that most bearded gentlemen face…

Founder Zach Kopp’s signature long red beard was bushy and untamed, the skin underneath dry and itchy. It didn’t take long to realize that he wasn’t alone in these complaints—even strangers stopped him to talk beard ’druff and scalpface. A Minneapolis-based master stylist well-versed in hair care since entering the beauty industry in 2007, Zach combed the market for beard care products, but was left unsatisfied. So he began experimenting himself. A breakthrough came in the discovery of avocado and argan oils, both known for their hair-smoothing, skin-soothing benefits. These, alongside a proprietary blend of aromatic essential oils, form the all-natural blend that is Parlour Von Kopp’s first and hero product, Wunder Bart Beard Oil. Using it, men reported a dramatic difference in their skin and beards of any length, and women have even adopted it as a pre-blowout smoothing aid.  Parlour Von Kopp is expanding our product line to include a range of beard and mustache care and styling products, as well as additional hair and skin care for men and women. 

“Von Kopp” means “of the family Kopp”, and the product range—handmade using the best natural ingredients —is a full-family effort crafted with love.